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Spring Rainbow
Beautiful soft rainbow of colors.

Beautiful hand crafted wreath in a rainbow of soft shades of pale pink, lavender, blue, peach, yellow, white and cream roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, baby's breath and other flowers and blossoms.

Wrapped with a variety of ribbons with long flowing tails. Tied in a bow in back, with short sheer ribbon ties, some with tiny rhinestones on points, shooting out from around the bow.

Product Features:
  • Ideal for garden weddings.
  • Variety of flowers and colors works wonderfully with many color schemes.
  • Hang on door or wall or surround a vase to dress up your home when not in use.

Spring rainbow.

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Pink Petunia
Pink and purple petunias.

A very cheerful fun wreath of mostly bright pink silk petunias with a few in shades of purple and lavender. White and cream / pink roses, carnations and white baby's breath with green leaves.

Wrapped with a white satin and bright pink ribbon between the flowers. Tied in back in a bow and joined with other ribbons of coordinating colors in sheers, satins and playful curling ribbon.

Product Features:
  • Fun silk petunias in bright colors.
  • Style fits all your fanciful themes
  • Beautiful satin and organza ribbons

Playful, bright pink petunia wreath

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Pixie Dance
A cheerful combination of bright colors.

Summer and fall flowers in bright and light pink, yellow and orange, mixed with green and bright orange and gold leaves, make this little wreath the perfect choice for light hearted fun costumes and events.

Just a few short ribbon ties spring out from around the bow.

Product Features:
  • small brightly colored flowers.
  • A few sparkly fall leaves.
  • Short pointy ribbon ties bursting out from around the bow.

Wreath of bright pinks, yellow flowers and fall leaves.

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