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Briar Lane
Leaves, twigs, berries and pinecones.

This wreath is the original Briar Lane design that started this collection. This style takes you on a hike through the forest, gathering forest treasures along the way.

Around the wreath you will find, Ivy, fern, and other forest leaves, in shades of greens and dried leaf colors, some bits of deep red, purple and brown berries, mini pinecones, twigs, seed pods and maybe a little forest wild flower or two.

Ring base is wrapped in brown to simulate woody vines. In the back, where normally you see the long ribbon tails on my wreaths, there are a few leaves which appear to fall down the back from the wreath, and only a couple short sheer ribbons in brown.

Product Features:
  • Silk leaves of several varieties.
  • Faux and natural seed pods, pinecones, twigs and other forest findings.
  • Suitable for both ladies and men.


Lane forest wreath.

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Leaves,twigs,berries,pinecones,silk ivy,brown ribbon,Keywords,Keywords

Briar Vines
Hand crafted to resemble woody vines.

Crafted from wire and other materials to resemble vines. A few small silk leaves emerge from places around the circlet. These circlets are different than the other circlets I sell. These vine circlets, as in nature are each different and unique from each other, no two will be exactly alike, so the pictures here are just to give you an idea of the type of design, but the actual circlet may be different in the way the "vines" and leaves are shaped, placed, etc.

This circlet ties in the back with suede laces, in place of ribbons. Laces end with a small feather and wooden bead, or knot if you prefer. This style is well suited for both men and women.

Product Features:
  • Woody vine look.
  • Ties with natural suede strips, ending with a wood bead.
  • Suitable for both guys and gals.

Briar Lane Vines.

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Ivy,circlet,unique,silk leaves,Keywords,Keywords,Keywords,Keywords,Keywords,Keywords

Kayla Forest Fairy
Perfect for all your summer and fall events.

This wreath has fall leaves, in warm autumn shades, of orange, yellows, deep red, and just a little green, mingled together with faux fall berries, small autumn flowers, tiny deep red and dark golden yellow silk flower rose buds, tiny twigs, and other little things a young fairy may find around the forest to adorn her crown with.

Light touches of gold glitter dust on some of the leaves here and there add some magical sparkle as the light catches it. Ribbons of mostly sheer, rich autumn reds, burnt orange, sage and gold, with a little ivory, come together in the back, with a burst of little pointed ribbon ties shooting out in all directions around the satin bow. Long flowing ribbon tails catch the breeze as the forest fairy in you, dances about.

Product Features:
  • Natural looking silk fall leaves in vibrant autumn colors.
  • Sheer ribbons give a light and airy look and feel.
  • Perfect choice for weddings, Renaissance faires, and autumn costumes.

    Size options
Kayla Forest Fairy, fall leaves and a few 
flowers,  ribbon, in brilliant fall colors.

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Faux grapes, silk leaves, and twigs.

"Maenad has silk ivy, shades of green leaves, and small faux grapes, and a variety of ribbons in shades of green, purple, and gold.

This one was originally designed as part of a costume for a play based on Greek Mythology.

Choice of ribbon styles. You can have the wreath with a few green ribbons, or green and gold, or with a little purple added, or more showy, with the addition of the short, sheer purple ribbon ties, springing from the tie in back.

Product Features:
  • Silk ivy and other leaves.
  • Small bunches of artificial grapes.
  • Choice of just green, and gold or green, gold and purple ribbons.

Coloful silk 

late summer wildflowers

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unisex,silk ivy, purple,Keywords,showy,Maenad,Greek Mythology,Faux grapes

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