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April's Autumn
Perfect for all your summer and fall events.

Silk daisies, and fall flowers in soft shades of yellow and cream, accented with a few fall leaves.

Ribbons of cream and gold in a combination of beautiful sheers and satins, tie in back in a bow and with long gracefully flowing ribbon tails.

Product Features:
  • Soft romantic wreath, beautiful finishing touch for a special event.
  • Sheer and satin ribbons, with a touch of gold, give a light and graceful look and feel.
  • Perfect choice for weddings, Renaissance faires, and autumn blessing events.

April's Autumn wreath, soft and romantic, silk daisies, fall flowers and ribbon, in cream,light yellows and gold.

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Renaissance,fall flowers,romantic,faires,blessing events,special,Keywords,

Golden Meadow
A menagerie of Autumn wildflowers, and beautiful ribbons.

The Golden meadow wreath, is like wearing a halo of flowers picked during a walk through an early Autumn, wildflower meadow. This wreath includes, daisies, little sunflowers, and a variety of late summer wild flowers, bits of sage brush, and stems, some green leaves and some that have begun to change to fall colors. Ribbons of ivory, white and gold, satin and sheer, fall gracefully down from a simple knot in back.

Product Features:
  • Beautiful and fun, very natural look and feel.
  • Style works especially well for free spirit type outfits and events.

Golden Meadow wreath-Beautiful, the perfect autumn halo for the free spirit in you!

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meadow flowers, halo, Autumn, wildflower meadow,silk sunflowers, satin ribbon,daisies,free spirit,Harvest

Autumn Blessings
Beautiful autumn colors

Silk fall leaves, faux berries, mini pinecones, sprigs of dried brush, seed pods, and more wind around this wreath in a kind of tribute to one of mother nature's most beautiful seasons.

Choose between a heart, star, crescent moon Celtic knot or other charm to be gently suspended beneath the leaves on a delicate string of pearly type beads, accented with beautiful Swarovski crystals in both clear and autumn color.

A combination of beautiful sheer and satin ribbons complete this wreath, tied in back with long flowing ribbon tails.

Product Features:
  • Special charm or your choice, pearly beads and Swarovski crystals.
  • Natural elements, such as, tiny pinecones, seed pods, twigs, etc. grace this wreath.
  • Ideal for "Mother's Blessings", Harvest events, as well as Fall Handfastings and weddings.

Natural elements,tiny pinecones, seed pods,etc. grace this wreath..

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Mothers blessing,Swarovski,pinecones,Celtic knot,pearly,beads,charm,wedding

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