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Midnight Cornflower
Beautiful color combination.

A regal circlet of black, navy, and antique blue ribbons, tied in a bow at the back, with long graceful ribbon tails. Front "v" is plain, but you can choose a charm, or a teardrop, star, moon or heart shaped gemstone or crystal to suspend from the "v" on your forehead, (additional cost for some gemstones and crystals may apply).

Product Features:
  • Beautiful subtle color mix.
  • Satin and sheer ribbons.
  • Versatile circlet suits many occasions and styles.

    Original price $34.00
    (Special price does not include customization)
    Limited Time Special
Midnight Cornflower Circlet or blue and black.

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Alissa Circlet
Silver adds just a touch of sparkle.

A hand crafted head circlet of black velvet ribbon with a narrow metallic silver ribbon covering a base loop. Ribbons tie in a bow in back, with long ribbon tails of mostly sheer ribbons. This circlet does not dip in a point in front, but is more of a round halo shape.

Product Features:
  • Fun way to dress up outfits and costumes.
  • perfect for Renaissance faires and weddings.
  • Black and silver will compliment most outfits.

    Original price $35.00
    (Special price does not include customization)
    Limited Time Special
Black velvet and silver circlet.

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Baby blue and silver circlet.

A Baby blue ribbon circlet with shiny silver winding ribbon, and teardrop shaped crystal bead suspended from additional tiny crystals, where the front dips to a gentle "v" shape on the forehead.

Product Features:
  • Soft, light colors.
  • Beautiful teardrop shaped crystal drop in front, or choose a different crystal or gemstone if you like.

Light blue and silver Amanda circlet.

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Briar Vines
Hand crafted to resemble woody vines.

Crafted from wire and other materials to resemble vines. A few small silk leaves emerge from places around the circlet. These circlets are different than the other circlets I sell. These vine circlets, as in nature are each different and unique from each other, no two will be exactly alike, so the pictures here are just to give you an idea of the type of design, but the actual circlet may be different in the way the "vines" and leaves are shaped, placed, etc.

This circlet ties in the back with suede laces, in place of ribbons. Laces end with a small feather and wooden bead, or knot if you prefer. This style is well suited for both men and women.

Product Features:
  • Woody vine look.
  • Ties with natural suede strips, ending with a wood bead.
  • Suitable for both guys and gals.

Briar Lane Vines.

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